Sourdough Freezer Waffles(D)

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These waffles are light, crunchy and slightly tangy due to the natural fermentation. Made with a blend of flours including Spelt and Whole Wheat flour which makes them very satisfying! A balance of sweet and savory with a noticeable tang at the end. We cook them and then freeze them so they will arrive to you frozen. You can just thaw them a little and pop them into the toaster to heat them up. Perfect on the go snack! Four waffles per order.

Ingredients: organic flour(organic hard red winter wheat malted with organic malted barley flour), spring water, organic milk, buttermilk, organic butter(Pasteurized Organic Sweet Cream (Milk), Salt), eggs, organic sugar, Utah mined salt, baking soda

Contains: wheat, milk, eggs