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January Menu

Our core items are always available. Call or txt if you have requests or you are throwing a party and need bread instead of Doritos™.

Core: Coastal, Seedy, Olive, Pain de Mie, Classic Focaccia, Baguettes, Pizza Dough, English Muffins, Cookies, Waffles, Gluten Free Oat & Buckwheat.

Jan 6th to 8th: Black currant scones, sprouted rye
Jan 13th to 15th: Sourdough chocolate twists, polenta rosemary
Jan 20th to 2nd: Tahini sourdough, Black currant scones, sprouted rye
Jan 27th to 29th: Polenta Rosemary, cinnamon raisin walnut


Friday Delivery!!!! 1/27/23

Vista Farmers Market 1/28/23

Hillcrest Farmers Market 1/29/23

Leucadia Farmers Market 1/29/23

Good things still exist...