Free Sourdough Starter(HF)

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It is bad mojo to sell starter, so we give it away for free**. We have three kinds of starters wheat, rye, and gluten free. The wheat starter is half whole wheat and half white flour. The rye is 100% rye flour. And our gluten-free starter is sorghum flour. 

We recommend keeping your starter in the refrigerator until you’re ready to bake. Two days before you make your dough, you should start feeding the starter twice a day. We only use organic flour and spring water when feeding our starter. We use our discard for cookies, scones, cardamom knots and waffles…good luck!!

Comes in Ziploc bag weighs 40 grams

Wheat starter ingredients: wheat flour*, whole wheat flour*, spring water
Rye starter ingredients: dark rye flour*, spring water
Gluten Free starter ingredients: sorghum flour*, spring water

* Organic
** Actually $.01 the software requires a amount so choose COD on checkout
-- You must pick this item up at the Sunday Hillcrest Farmers Market(HF) 9am-2pm